about trocon

PT. Trocon Indah Perkasa is a leading Bored-Pile Contractor in Indonesia. Since entering the field in 1992, Trocon has accomplished more than 150 buildings and bridges project throughout Indonesia, including the most recent landmark project; the first phase of the Semarang-Solo Highway Project under Adhi Karya & Waskita Karya.

Trocon was established in Bengkulu Province (Sumatra) in 1973, under the name of CV. Trocon. Later on in 1985, the company changed its status to become PT. Trocon Indah Perkasa.

In 1974, PT. Trocon started to work on irrigation and building Projects throughout Bengkulu province. During the 80’s, the company expanded its construction businesses by taking on bridge projects and also heavy equipment rental.

By 1990, PT. Trocon had opened representative branches in Jakarta and Padang (west Sumatra). Since midyear of 1992, Trocon entered the "bored pile" field of foundation work, by working on MidPlaza II, an office building in Jln. Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta as it’s first project. The pile depth was 52 meter and the machine used was Soilmec R-15.

To date, there are more than 160 foundation projects that have been completed by PT. Trocon Indah Perkasa.